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Just spring into the country

It's been a long time since I've looked at these photos. This was an adventure with my friend Inderpal and his two lovely models, Kira & Hailey. We drove out over an hour, got a bit lost, and found ourselves in an abandoned house that had a circle of ashy older-looking footwear in a circle on the floor.

I was there to assist Inderpal, which meant I was hauling some studio equipment from NBCCD into this abandoned structure (which we later found out was not exactly abandoned, definitely not livable though).

I took some background photos of the group and also tried to get some nice individuals.

When we had to jump ship (because the owner showed up), I packed that photo equipment so fast and drove out even faster. There was another place along the road with a wood structure (ice cream in the summer, wish there had been ice cream that day) that was across from the ferry and we took some more pictures there among the farmlands and the flowing water.

Definitely memorable, definitely fun, definitely would do again. So happy to have these photos from that day.

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