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That time in St. Andrews

Once upon a long time ago I lived in New Brunswick and had the pleasure of being a second-shooter to Shannon-May Pringle. She was hosting this second shooter's workshop for those working with her for the season and I was obviously going.

Since I was going I had talked to some friends and we decided after my workshop we'd spend the night and take in the scenes of St. Andrews. We stayed at the Tara Manor Inn, with 4 women, 1 bathroom, and 2 queen beds. We went on a ghost tour, and strolled the streets of St. Andrew after, then went for some dinner, a couple of drinks, and walked back to the hotel.

The next day we checked out of the hotel and hit the shops downtown. I picked up the best coffee ever from HoneyBeans. SO DAMN DELICIOUS, honestly, I still think about that ice blended mocha.

I then lost my keys, which I found pretty quickly because I had taken a picture of them on the counter of the shop we were at.

We certainly didn't come across many ghosts... I think. The most ghostly thing that happened during our trip was when my friend was taking a shower and the curtain fell down on her.

St. Andrews, 100% recommend. The ocean, the Algonquin, Honeybeans, and the sweet little deer.

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